Due to the excitement archery has generated lately Weld County Fish and Wildlife has decided to make a large investment in our Archery Range.  Oversized targets and a large shaded gazebo where bought that allow families to all shoot together.  Our targets will hold back the high poundage compounds and retain arrows from low poundage recurve and long bows. Please only use field points No Broadheads.  Members must police the No Broadheads to make these targets last many years. All members are allowed to shoot at the archery range anytime the range is open.  We hope in the future to make a walking 3D course on the property.  If you are interested in helping in the archery area to coordinate group shoots please contact the board.

A new broad head pit is under construction and will be opening soon.

The Archery Range is available from Sunup to Sundown



Aron Kent
Tel #: 970-371-5860