Posts made in July 2020

Temporary Removal Of Steel Plate Racks On Ranges N-1 & N-2

The stationary steel plate rack on range N-1 and the two MGM steel plate racks on N-2 have been temporarily removed from the berm area to accommodate berm repair and preparation for the CO Steel Challenge Shooting Association Championship match scheduled for Thursday afternoon July 30th (set-up) through Sunday August 2nd. Sorry for the inconvenience! We will have them back on the ranges next week.

Club Website Migrated the week of July 13

Our website was migrated to a different server on July 14. It is still with the same vendor but with a different group and on a different server. This was done to streamline costs and save the club quite a bit of money. Some of you may have noticed some issues with access during the week but they have been addressed and our site is totally up and running. Our apologies for any access issues you may have had.

Most likely related to the migration is an email server problem that is currently being worked on, with a top priority, by our vendor. Until this issue is resolve there will be no emails from any accounts and any emails sent to those accounts will bounce. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next couple of days. We will post a notice when the email server is up and running.