Each discipline is run by a club specifically focused on that particular discipline.  They collect their own match fees and buy their own equipment, materials and any props they might use.  No Weld County Fish and Wildlife membership dues are used by the disciplines.



This sport is dedicated to the preservation and practice of extreme rifle accuracy. Small groups are the talk of every match, as well as that shot that "got away."

Rifles used are custom-built, single shot, bolt actions that you really need to see to believe. If you have a tricked out rifle that you would like to compete with in any of the registered matches, call us or show up on match day.

Dean Thomas
Email: Benchrest@wcfw.org
Tel No.: 970-396-2240

Black Powder

This sport  consists of shooting muzzle-loading rifles, pistols or shotguns that utilize either a percussion-cap or flint ignition system.

Those wishing to shoot inline muzzleloaders are also welcome to come and fire their modern smokepoles.  It brings back the nostalgia of the  "Good Ole Days" prior to the advent of breech-loading firearms that use cartridges.  Many of the sports enthusiasts dress in period costume, such as those worn by mountain men, fur trappers, and Native Americans of the past when attending an event. Come on out and join us for a fun and relaxing get together.

The High Plains Muzzleloaders club hosts matches the 1st Sunday of each month. We are a hearty bunch and will shoot in the driving snow and wind.

Shooters Meeting at the "Smokepole" shack by the covered pavillion.

October - May matches start at 10am               June - August matches begin at 9am

October – May matches start at 10:00am

June – August Matches begin at 9:00am

Winter shoots bring Meat Shoots, Turkey Shoots and Blanket Shoots.  In these matches, the entry fee is a cut of meat, a turkey (or some other bird fit for eating) or some item, often handmade, related to muzzleloading.  Shooters in these matches get a pick of the "prizes" in order of their finishing score.

An orientation is necessary for new shooters and will be held prior to the matches on Sunday morning.  New shooters will be informed in a timely manner of the starting time for their orientation.

We hope you come out and join the High Plains Muzzleloading club and take a step back in time with us.

Match Fees: Members $5.00 Non-Members $7.00

Rigo Neira
Email: Blackpowder@wcfw.org
Tel No.: 970-690-7727

High Power Rifle

Adapted from the military qualification course of fire for competition as defined by both the NRA and CMP.

An orientation is necessary for new shooters and will be held prior to the matches on Sunday morning. New shooters will be informed in a timely manner of the starting time for the orientation.

Club rifles and ammunition are available upon request to the High Power Director prior to the match. The use of the rifles is a free service in order to provide more shooters an opportunity to compete and have fun in the sport of High Power Shooting. However, ammunition must be provided by the shooter (approved by the Match Director and no reloads please) or purchased from the Club.

All matches are held on the 4th Sundays. Check our events calendar for our next High Power shoot and join us.

Prices may vary and will be quoted at the time of reserving the rifle for use in a match.

Match fees :
fun shoots $10.00
Garand Matches $40.00
NRA Matches $20.00, Ladies, Juniors, and seniors $10.00


High Power Contacts:

Bryan Comiskey
Email: brycom1@gmail.com
Tel No.: 970-690-7614

Military Bolt Action

Any bolt action open sight single shot foreign or US rile.

Scores are based on 3 strings of 10 shots each.

All matches are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 9 am. Check our events calendar for our next match.


Match fees :

Military Bolt Action Contacts:


Roger Alms
Email: rogeralms@yahoo.com
Tel No.: 970-484-5476            970-692-1440 (mobile)