Lead Reclamation Complete on Rifle & Pistol Ranges/Berms

Yesterday, May 19, 2023, the final rifle and pistol range/berm reconstruction tasks were completed by Recoil LLC, the company that has been conducting our lead reclamation for the past two weeks. However, there are a few housekeeping tasks that our grounds crew will be completing next week to finish the final touches, here and there, throughout the range. All rifle & pistol ranges/berms are now operational except S7 (Benchrest Range) which requires some target board/upright repair. That repair will be completed Monday, May 22nd. Be advised, there are some temporary changes to our current range/berm configuration for N3 & 4, and South 1. Target board uprights had to be removed from these ranges/berms in order to do the reclamation. N3 & 4 are useable but will require your own target stands. I have temporarily put a falling steel plate rack on S1; however, target stands can be placed to either side of the rack if you choose to do so. I hope to get the uprights replaced in the next two weeks for all three of these ranges/berms and resume their normal target board configuration. Next month we will begin the reclamation process for the shotgun fields, which will have NO impact on their operational use. Lastly, there is equipment staged for removal in the field adjacent the north pistol ranges/berms. Please do not go near that area. I hope you are impressed with all of the improvements made to our ranges/berms during their reconstruction. Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding!
Pat Miller
Grounds Director