New Trap League starting

The Trap group wants to start a Saturday Morning League. All members interested should send an email to with your name, email address and a phone number where you can be contacted. This information will go no further than here. Also include any friends or co workers that are interested in shooting. We need at least 30 people to get this started plus 4 or 5 alternates to fill in if someone can’t make a shoot.


The Club is proud to announce a significant upgrade to our Skeet Fields.  The four ancient clay target machines have been replaced with brand new equipment, and the buildings housing the equipment have been re-built and painted, along with the fencing.  Everything looks great, works great, and we have one of the very nicest skeet facilities in the state.  A big shout-out of thanks goes to Pat Miller, Dave Benson, Bill Mason, Jan Schuenemeyer, and Mike and Bob Englund for their very hard work in getting this big project completed.
Not nearly enough of our members take advantage of this fun shotgun sport.  Come on over and give it a try.  A round of skeet costs just $5 for 25 targets.  All you need is a shotgun, some ammo, and a desire to enjoy yourself.  In addition to monthly sanctioned competition, skeet practice is held every Saturday.  There are always experienced shooters there who are happy to help with tips or basic instruction.  Lessons can be arranged if you’re interested.  Click on the Skeet tab for more information.  Man should not live by pistols alone!