Range Safety and Protocol

Updated ‘Safer at Home’ COVID-19 Policy

WCFW Updated COVID-19 Policy
In accordance with current Colorado State Executive and Public Health Orders the following WCFW updated COVID-19 Policy applies to all activities conducted on High Plains Shooting Range:
1)  All persons utilizing range facilities are recommended to use a medical or non-medical cloth face covering that covers the nose and mouth when sharing a range berm or field with other members, or while participating in a group event interacting with other members/competitors.  A medical or non-medical cloth face covering is required when indoors utilizing the range pistol classroom and clubhouse for all unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated members, non-members, or event participants.  An individual is consider fully vaccinated when two (2) weeks after their second dose in a two-dose series of COVID-19 vaccine has elapsed, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or two (2) weeks have elapsed after their single dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine.
2)  Limit social interaction to the greatest extent possible except as required to conduct necessary activities, such as Range Officer duties.
3)  The clubhouse and pistol classroom will open for scheduled events only.  It is encouraged to minimize their use to preclude an additional sanitization requirement with limited staff personnel.  Strict Social Distancing is required.  Meetings or other scheduled events are authorized, however they must be approved by the Executive Board of Directors.
4)  Group events, matches, and meetings that are scheduled on the WCFW website calendar are the only activities authorized by the EBOD’s.  Changes or modification to events must be requested to the EBOD’s.
5)  Responsibility for total compliance of all COVID-19 policy requirements and guidelines rests with Discipline Directors, Match Directors, and event coordinators.  Participant registration records must be maintained for one month after the event in case contact tracing/notification becomes necessary.  Additionally, it must be stressed during pre-event meetings/correspondence that it is each participants responsibility to notify the Discipline Director, Match Director, or event coordinator if they become ill and test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of participating in the event.  Should such a notification take place all participants and the Weld County Fish & Wildlife Executive Board Of Directors will be notified immediately.
6)  Non compliance of these amended requirements and guidelines will result in event termination and or range closure.
WCFW, Executive Board Of Directors

Range Safety Rules UPDATED

Your Board of Directors are always looking to make WCFW a safe environment for all our members, guests and event participants.  As a result, we have spent many hours with a team to look at any recent safety violations and concerns on the range.  The BOD accepted and put into law these updated Range Safety Rules at the December meeting.  We hope that they are easier to understand and abide by so that all of us can remain safe on the range no matter what we are doing.  Remember, it’s ultimately up to YOU as a member to ensure the safe operation of firearms wherever you are on the range.   Click on the link in this post or visit the RESOURCES page to explore all the PDF documents related to range safety and more. Remember the 4 Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety even when off the range no matter where you are.